Nationwide hashar!

In raising the spirituality of our people, exemplary values ​​such as our national traditions and customs, the solidarity embodied in them, the joint solution of various problems play an important role.

In particular, it is safe to say that hashar has become an integral part of our spiritual life. In addition, for centuries, hashar has served to instill in the minds of young people such noble feelings as mutual help, humanity, nobility, generosity.

At the same time, hashar is one of our national values, which further strengthens the ties of mutual respect, involvement and kindness in the mahallas. In preparation for the worthy celebration of the national holiday of Navruz, hashar events give a special spirit to all of us in raising the virtues of mutual kindness, generosity, kindness among our people, giving prosperity and freedom to all regions.

In fact, everyone starts the hashar, first of all, by tidying up the house where he lives, the yard. Then neighborhoods, auls, villages and towns, streets, in a word, spread all over the country and become a national movement.