Joint-stock company “Juma elevatori” as informs:

# Codex Recommendations Explanations
The Corporate Governance Code recommends
introduction of independent members into the
supervisory Society council
Shareholders have the right to nominate candidates for the
Supervisory Board of independent members to the Supervisory Board
of the Company, but the candidates proposed by the shareholders
did not include persons who met the criteria of independent members
of the Supervisory Board.
Placement of publications of obligatory disclosure
of information about JSC with translation into English,
Russian and state languages on the website
The site is fully provided with information that is subject to mandatory
disclosure in the state language and partly in Russian and English.
To date, measures are being taken to translate information into English
and Russian.
Creation of an opportunity for shareholders to vote
by e-mail with confirmation of an electronic digital
signature, as well as to hold a general meeting in the
mode of video conferencing
At the moment, the issue of creating the necessary conditions is being
Posting on the JSC website of the results of fundamental,
technical analysis by specialists, experts and consultants
Fundamental and technical analysis by specialists, experts and
consultants was not carried out.
The internal document on the competitive selection
of the head and members has not been approved
Executive body
The Chairman of the Board of the JSC is appointed and
dismissed by the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers
of the Republic of Uzbekistan. and according to the
decision of the regional Khokim of Samarkand.